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Superior Runner is for everyone who wants to make most out of running. If you are a beginner and just start to run or if you’re an experienced runner who has been running for many years you’ll find all you need here. We’ll share tips and tricks about running so you can get the most out of your runs. We’ll also review very carefully all the running gear & accessories you need while running. We’ll go into detail about what would be the best running shoes for you, but we’ll also talk about running pants, shirts, heart monitors, step counters and many other running gear that could help you achieve your running goal.

Why Running

Most people ask why I chose running as a sport. First of all it’s one of the cheapest sports. However that is not the main reason. My dad has been very successful in athletics and when I was a little boy he took me with him to the track & field. It’s there were I was first introduced to athletics.

Running is of course only a small part of track & field. I was actually a very good high jumper. Unfortunately I was small and thus I had a disadvantage in competitions. However I did win quite some high jump competitions in my early days.

Later on I began to run joggings. The distance was always 3 or 5 kilometers which are actually short distances. It’s not a sprint but a marathon runner would call it peanuts. However everyone has to start somewhere.

Later on I went to University around my 18th birthday and from then on I quit competition and eventually running. I didn’t have the time for it anymore.

Some years later, one night at a friend’s barbecue we drank a few beer and we had this crazy idea that we should run a marathon by the age of 35 of the youngest one. So that means I have lie a little bit over 5 years to train for this marathon.

So that’s in a nutshell why I’ll talk about running here. It’s my goal to finish a marathon, if you have your own goals please share and join me in my journey to become a superior runner.

What Is My Goal

The goal is that we run and finish the marathon. If not those who don’t finish have to put on a bunny suit and we can paintball them. I know how much this hearts so I’ll try to prevent this from happening by training and preparing myself in the best way possible for this marathon.

My Physical Fitness

It has been some time since I’ve been running to be honest. I can run a couple of kilometers without any problem. But I can’t run more than 8 kilometers. So I’ll have to get into shape to be able to run longer distances.

How To Prepare For A Marathon

Because I’m already able to run more than most beginners and because I have a history of being an athlete I have an advantage over some people; However don’t let that influence you, everyone has to start somewhere and progress can go slow as long as it’s progress. However in my case there’s limited time to complete my goal.

So how will I prepare myself? I know how far I can run currently, so what I need to do is run further. So I won’t try to run quicker at first, but only farther.

My first goal is to be able to run 10 kilometers. It’s summer now so most of the time it’s hot. When running long distances it’s important that you make sure you are hydrated enough. So drinking frequently is important. I’ll try to run in the late afternoon or evening because it will be cooler then and also because during day I need to work.

To test this goal I will compete in a jogging. This way I know I can really run it in competition.

When it’s winter and cold I don’t like to run. Running in cold weather is not my cup of tea but I’ll try and I’ll get some cold weather running gear that will hopefully keep me warm. I’ll train indoor probably in the local gym on a treadmill. It’s not the best exercising machine for your knees I’ve been told. However you can regulate the distance, slope, speed and even track your heart rate which makes it a good workout machine to track your running performance..

Gradually I’ll built the distance up until I’m able to run half a marathon. Then I’ll compete in one. To be honest a half marathon training program looks much easier as it actually is not that far and seems doable. I guess I’ll just have to gradually run longer distances and that that would be the best marathon preparation.

What to wear running

When you run long distances and you work during day chances are high that you will have to run after dark. In that case it’s important to wear reflective running gear so you’ll be visible.

There are a lot of running clothes. Some sportswear that runners wear is not solely intended for runners like us. Running socks for example are also a good fit for other athletes.

Other things that runners often wear are running pants, shorts, jackets, singlets, headbands, skirts, tights, hats, belts, gloves and jerseys.

They also often wear a pedometer so they have an idea of how many steps they did that day. Sometimes these also contain the number of miles that you have covered.

There is also other running gear like a running GPS which is often combined with a running watch. These technological running gadgets can make your life a lot easier. Don’t forget your mobile phone as this is also a handy tool for running addicts.

My Training & Results So Far

So far I haven’t had time to train a lot. I try to run 8 kilometers once week and I also work out once a week. That last one means that I do pushups and train my abs once a week. I also want to improve this part because I believe the best way to train is to get all your muscles working and not only your leg muscles. Also don’t forget your running stretches because they’re important.

I’ll be competing in my first run in a jogging in September probably. It’s not yet clear which distance I will run. I might also do some indoor or outdoor competition on the track, but currently I don’t have any track spikes which are necessary for a good performance.

I’m not watching my pace as it isn’t important for me. My marathon pace isn’t important for what me and my friends put on paper, only finishing it is.

What if I attain my running goal?

If I’m able to run a marathon I think I should continue on this path. I won’t run a world record and that’s not my aim, but I think I should just get to my goal and quit. Who knows what the next challenge will be, maybe running a triathlon? Looks interesting already and I like to cycle also.

The best long distance runner

I know when I was little that I looked at track & field together with my dad and one of those 10 kilometers runners Hale Gebre Selassi really impressed me. He was small but so fast. He had short legs and it looked like he had to take to steps where others took one, but he still won and that really impressed me. He had overcome the fact that he had to take much more steps with his short legs so for me he is really a superior runner.

The Marathon World Record

You should always be able to compare your best time with others. I won’t have the best time in the world when I run a marathon, but it’s nice to know how you do in respective to the marathon record.

Currently the men’s marathon world record is held by … who ran it in …
The marathon world record by women is held by … who ran it in …

A list of marathon races

There are a lot of marathons in the world. We have made a marathon list by continent and country. You should be able to keep track of the upcoming marathons this way.

Marathons in America

The San Francisco Marathon
Austin Marathon
Honolulu Marathon
Illinois Marathon
Seattle marathon
Phoenix Marathon
Boston Marathon
Los Angeles Marathon
Dallas Marathon
Sacramento Marathon
Harrisburg Marathon
Long Beach Marathon
Knoxville Marathon
San Diego Marathon
Houston Marathon
Austin Marathon
Miami Marathon

Ultra Marathon
Myrtle Beach Marathon
Napa Valley Marathon
Pikes Peak Marathon
Mercedes Marathon
Jeff Galloway Marathon
Surf city marathon
Fargo Marathon
Rochester Marathon
Shamrock marathon
Comrades Marathon
Bayshore Marathon
Okc Marathon
St jude marathon

Marathons in Europe

London Marathon
Athens Marathon
Marathon of Brussels
Dublin Marathon

Marathons in Africa

Marathons in Asia

Marathons in Oceania

Marathon nutrition & long distance nutrition

Most marathon runners follow a marathon training diet. Running your first marathon is not something done easily. You need to have a proper training schedule but also take a look at the food you eat. It’s not obliged but most marathon addicts really watch their food consumption. This means no fast food, soda drinks and alcohol in light of the marathon preparation.

Also during your marathon run it’s very important to stay hydrated and to get fast sugars in your bloodstream. Therefore it’s advised to use some special marathon nutrition so you keep on having energy while running and to drink frequently.

Who I Am Running With

I’m not the only one preparing for a marathon. It was a bet with my brother and a friend. So there are already 3 of us. But I want to run with all of you. The more the merrier.

Do You Want To Be A Superior Runner?

If you are also preparing for a marathon or have another running goal, let us know. You might get your picture here too. Join us as a superior runner and tag along with us to get to your goal. You can even tell here about your own running experiences and find others to connect with. Or you could also share some running tips with us.

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