Best Running Shoes Reviews 2015

Getting the best running shoes is important for both the novice and more experienced runner. You should really take care of your feet when doing this sport. It’s just like with other sports, you should buy decent gear so you won’t get into any problems. These problems can range from pain or foot injuries or shoes that just don’t last long. For these and many other problems – which we’ll discuss in more detail below – you should buy the best running shoes for your needs and comfort. Therefore we compiled a list with the 5 best running shoes for 2015 so that you can run as fast as the flash in no time!

Why start running

There are many different reasons why people start running.

I don’t like to run alone

You’re not the only one. There are many people that don’t like to run alone. If you have a friend or buddy that is willing to run along then it’s so much easier. It will be a lot more fun to start running and you’ll motivate each other to keep on running and get the results you want. It’s even a good idea before you start running together to get some new running shoes. This way you can compare and even get advice from your running mate.

So who should you run with?

What if you don’t find someone?

In this case you could still subscribe to the local athletics or jogging club. They organize practice runs weekly so this will get you up to speed (literally). You can also compete in any of the running competitions (runs) they organize.

You could also go to the local gym and run on the treadmill. It might not be exactly what you want but it’s another solution and you’ll have people in that gym so it won’t feel as you’re running alone. You could also opt for a treadmill at home, however then you’re doing it alone again unless your family is home to support you of course. We don’t advise to use this kind of equipment as it’s not good for your knees. On the other hand it can be cold in the winter in certain parts of the world so then this might be a good alternative to running on the street or in the open.

Running and music/talking

What is your goal

First of all when you start running you should define your goal or goals if there are multiple. But it’s best to have one main goal like being able to run 10 miles or run at least halve an hour at your own pace. You can set up a shared goal with some friends like let’s run a marathon in 2 years, but when you’re a starter it’s better to set your own goals. Often people start with

Keeping track of your progress

It’s important that you keep track of your progress. It could be to improve your heart rate or run faster, further or longer. But tracking what you’ve done is important. Also if you can look back at which milestones you’ve accomplished it will make you feel a lot better and make sure to continue to reach your goal.

There are also many apps to help you achieve your running goal. They keep track of the when you exercised, the distance you ran, how many miles but sometimes they also track your vital functions such as your heart rate.

Some known running apps are:
Runkeeper: This is one of the most popular running apps that is definitely worth downloading. You can plan routes upfront and are able to track them live thank to you phone’s GPS. You’ll see the distance, pace, speed, burned calories and if you selected live even what is the current pace you’re running. You can set your running goals and see how far you are in reaching these. It’s like having your personal coaching program. It has also the option to listen to music while running. It’s a must-have app for every runner.

Nike+ Running: This app was developed by Nike itself. So you can rest assure it’s pumped with useful stuff. You’ll see the total runs you’ve done, the average pace and much more. You can also compete in Nike+ challenges and even start a running program with a Nike+ coach. It will help you attain your goals and beat your personal records.

Runtastic Running & Fitness: This is an app that will be your assistant for not only running, but also other sports such as cycling. It measures the time, distance and average pace. For a complete workout this is a great app. Some other nifty features include the integration of your route with Google maps, your workout calendar, a weather forecast and last but not least some social buttons so you could share what you’ve done with friends and family so they know you’ve adopted a healthy way of living.

iMapMyRun: This cool app lets you map out your runs and so you can compare distances upfront. It will measure the distance you’ve run and the average pace and totale time. It also monitors your heart rate (beats per minute). The best reason to mention this app here is the possibility of adding your running shoes in the gear tracker. You can also log what you’ve ate. It’s really a complete app.

Endomondo: This app is your ideal running app. It keeps track of not only running distance, speed, duration, but also hartbeats per minute and even the number of calories burned during your run. It has some nice social option so you can get your friends into running also. It also keeps track of average pace and average speed and even the change in altitude during your run. It’s also possible to use it for other sports like cycling. You can select workouts, you can compete in challenges and set up training plans to get in shape. It also offers a nice overview of what you’ve done and what’s still planned in your calendar. Run fanatics should really get this app.

Barefoot running or not

Do you really need running shoes? Well most people in developed countries will agree that you need some kind of running shoe. However in many countries in Africa there’s no money to buy running shoes, so they run barefoot from childhood on and have grown accustomed to this way of barefoot walking and running.

Because of stepping frequently on hard soil they have grown extra callus. Our feet are sensitive to pits and grooves in the soil, however they don’t feel anything thanks to the callus. For them it’s difficult to start wearing running shoes at a later age. According to some it’s an unnecessary extra weight.

Nowadays there are enough affordable running shoes, but it still happens in certain parts of Africa. Some known barefoot runners are Abebe Bikila,… and many others.

Abebe Bikila has even smashed the marathon world record without shoes. Many Olympic records and best times have been run by athletes on their bare feet.

Types of running shoes

The best running shoe for 1 person isn’t necessarily the best one for someone else. We hope this running shoes guide will help you find the best one for your needs.

When should I replace my running shoes

Some people tend to stick to their running shoes while they’re already worn out.

Types of feet

Feet problems

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